Dry Aged Beef

Dry aging Beef is a time honored ranch tradition out here on the “Great Plains.” The unique taste and tenderness of our beef is unlike anything you will see, with the exception of a select few very high end white table cloth restaurants. During the dry aging process natural juices are absorbed into the meat and enzymes are allowed to naturally tenderize the meat. Some restaurants do wet age beef in vacuum packaged bags in order to enhance the beef some, but it just isn’t the same. Small local processors dry age beef 7-14 days but that really isn’t enough time.

Most beef is cut up vacuum packaged and shipped to the store where a butcher hand cuts steaks to size and sells it to the consumer. This has become a
generally accepted practice since processors began weaning everyone taste buds back in the 1960s. Today, many people like you are looking for something more. Nutritious yet affordable unusually great tasting beef for the family.

Here at Post Rock Beef we age our home raised beef 28 days. Dry aging beef 28 days gives our beef an unusual buttery beef flavor that you are absolutely going to love. We have to warn you though, it has been our customers personal experience that once you try our beef, you will be very disappointed the next time you visit your favorite steakhouse.

At Post Rock Beef we raise our own beef and have it processed at a USDA inspected facility near McPhereson Kansas. The meat is dry aged 28 days and then custom cut to order. Once it is all boxed up and frozen it is transferred back to a big walk in freezer at the ranch or if we don’t have the capacity a large storage facility stores our meat for a short while in Wichita Kansas.

As I said, the meat is USDA inspected so that we can sell all over the U.S. Steaks are individually vacuum wrapped for portion control and convenience. Once packaged the meat is flash frozen to lock in freshness. If you are not used to buying frozen meat please don’t worry. Check out our thawing directions and we guarantee you will love the results. Please try our beef, Shawn and I have created a much better product than the other steak companies out there and our prices are great.

Our Story

There really isn’t much to our story. Shawn and I are a couple of cowboys with a great passion for farming and ranching. Making a living is always part of the equation but more than anything we want to improve our grass and farmland for future generations. Family is also very important to us and we both have our hopes on leaving some sort of legacy to them. We formed Post Rock Beef after a whole lot of conversations and beer.

Our conversation seemed to always include similar topics:

I Tried to grow and sell beef like this before and seemed to fail miserably.
We both love taking care of cattle.
Boy am I frustrated with all of the misinformation out there about everything specifically beef.
Do we want to sell grain fed or grass fed beef?
What products would we sell and how can we improve them?
We really want to give back if we can.

You heard it right I tried to form a company called Ringler Ranch Premium Beef and dropped the ball. Several family members and I formed the company back in the 90s. I soon found that everyone thought it would be a great opportunity if it worked, but no one else really wanted to put forth much effort. So, handwork and dedication is key to our story.

Taking care of cattle has always been our passion. Our philosophies on gentle cattle handling and horsemanship mesh good enough that I actually let shawn ride my horses. We do our best to make sure the cattle stay in shape while also doing our best to improve pasture lands.

It seems like everyone wants to claim what ever feels good at the time no matter what the truth really is. Heck, there are full blown documentaries full of lies all over the place. The organic people claim this and the grass fed people claim that while the vegans say whatever comes to mind. Well, we are here to set the record straight and are doing our best to make education about what we do and the wholesomeness of our products, a big component of the company.

Grain fed beef has more healthful oleic acid and less saturated/trans-fats than grass fed beef. Grass fed beef has more healthful omega-3 fatty acids. Cholesterol is almost identical in both products. So, assuming that our customers are going elsewhere for their omega-3 fatty acids because eating 20-30 grass fed hamburgers isn’t realistic, the decision really boils down to animal welfare and product quality. Grass fed animals, depending on the program spend 24 months on grazing lands, while grain fed animals spend 12 months on grazing lands and 4-5 months eating grain out of a bunk with free choice hay and fresh water. Grain fed animals are not always fed antibiotics or pumped full of steroids like marketers would lead you to believe, so what about taste? It’s easy, grass fed beef has an undesirable gamy taste that Shawn and I both dislike, so grain fed it is.

With the exception of a few restaurants no one really ages beef anymore. Aging beef is a process of allowing natural enzymes to breakdown connective tissue and bring out the buttery flavor of meat. Sometimes you can get your local butcher to age beef a week or two, but many times they need the room so things get pushed through. Two weeks is OK, but Shawn and I want the best beef around so we doubled the time and you really get a good steak. Our beef is dry aged 28 days.

Clear up at the top of the story I mentioned that Shawn and I are family men and it’s also worth mentioning that I served in the USMC from ’93-’97. We really want to help serve our communities through Post Rock Beef. Beef is a great centerpiece for celebrations and fundraisers. We give when we can and try to make life better with our products.

We hope you enjoyed our story. Buy Post Rock Beef, you won’t be disappointed.

PS “Don’t kid yourself, it’s not a celebration without beef.” -Justin

  • Taken after the tornado took the first barn top off.

  • Frank Urban Sr was my great great grand father.

On The Ranch

How it all came to be…

Elder Ranch and Ringler Ranch LLC are located in Lincoln county Kansas and we love it (North Central Kansas N of I-70 between Hays and Salina).
Here we go. Shawn and I love to ranch. We have a passion for improving the land and taking great care of cattle. Shawn grew up farming and ranching with his family, went off to college to study animal science and range management, and has been at it every since. I grew up farming and ranching with my family took a detour in the Marines, came back went to college to study animal science, range management, ag business; and have been at it as well. To keep the story short, we are a couple of over educated cowboys with lots of experience handling cattle and managing grass.

Our philosophy is simple, “take care of the land and it will take care of you.” Our main goal is to take great care of the land so that future generations can make a living out here just like we do. We spend our time improving water resources while also rotating cattle from resource to resource as mother nature calls for it. While doing so we care for the cattle.

Shawn and I care dearly for our cattle. We often carry this to a fault, but we do our best to balance time with the family. I am sure you have seen all the rodeo events and movie stories where people whoop and holler to get the cattle all wound up. That really isn’t the case. With cattle slow is fast and comfortably moving them slowly prevents confusion, especially with the little ones. As a last resort ropes might be used, but there isn’t any rodeo jerks. The loops are soft and we are careful not  to neck jerk (we usually try to get a front leg in so its more like a hug). Normally, if we can we run them in and treat them in the corral with the chute.

You might ask why do they need to be caught? Well from time to time the stresses of life lead to sickness and antibiotics are used. We are careful to follow all veterinary directives and waiting periods required before processing. Vaccines are used, mainly for the next guy as we do not finish all of the cattle ourselves at this time. As far as steroid use goes we have decided to quit using them on our Post Rock Beef cattle because that is what the public wants. Shawn and I would like to note that we are not against steroid use in cattle because of elevated levels in meat. Contrary to popular belief actual residual levels in meat from steroid use are negligible. However, we have found, through studies, that the use of steroids does impact tenderness.

While tenderness is important so is taste. As I mentioned in “Our Story” Shawn and I are offering grain fed beef because grass-fed beef really doesn’t offer any significant benefits as far as our health is concerned. We also don’t like the fishy taste that gets more intense with aging. Our cattle do graze the majority of the time they just get to eat grain for the last 5-6 months. No low level of antibiotics are used and the cattle have plenty of room to run around.
Well, that’s the short and sweet of it. If you have any questions or comments about the ranch send us a message or give us a call. Thanks for checking us out.

Beef for The Restaurateur and Grocery Store

Post Rock Beef is also a wholesaler.

If you are in the market for quality solutions for your business. Post Rock Beef is at your service. Generally speaking our store is set up for the individual family beef lover. However, if a seasonal showcase or big bundle assortment is what you have in mind we are certainly willing to work with you.

We also have access to a wonderful Angus boxed beef program that is well marbled. Lead times are usually 30 days and the product is usually aged 21 days. Generally speaking you will find the quality to be superior to other beef you will find before the aging process. Shawn and I feel that our aging process really sends the quality over the top.

These products can be picked up or delivered fresh or frozen which ever you prefer. If it helps steaks can be custom cut to your personal specifications.