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At Post Rock Beef we offer $30 per box flat rate shipping via Fed Ex anywhere in the continental U.S. Our vacuum packaged beef is shipped in high
quality coolers with just enough dry ice to get to your delivery location. And yes, it is normal to see some partial thaw. If, however, your cooler is
damaged and you see major thawing please contact us ASAP so that we can reship the package to you.

The shipping coolers are placed inside cardboard for stability. Inside the cooler you will find an absorbent pad for any condensation that might occur.
We then place the meat in the cooler with the dry Ice on top. You may or may not see some other packing materials filling in dead space. This just preserves
the cooler and makes the dry ice more efficient. If you have some dry ice left over, be careful to use gloves and leave it in an empty cooler outside until
it is gone. Be careful not to damage you grass, cement, or other things by tossing the dry ice.